How A Good Deadlines Management Help You Through Frenzied Tasks

Don’t wait for tomorrow, cause one day it will be today

Tick Out Your Deadlines

When we were given a task, besides we need to know what exactly the task is so that we can finish it, we also need to know when the deadline of the task will be. After knowing the task and deadline, the next move we made is to write down it just in case we forget about it. And… that its. Our procrastination comes in. We tend to think that if the deadline is still far from today, we have no motivation and spirit to finish the task instead, we just chilling around and then suddenly the deadline is tomorrow.

It’s actually hard to not procrastinate especially when a task’s deadline is still a few days to go. So to help you get out of this kind of situation or at least lower your procrastination level, I’ll give some of my tips, not about procrastination but a deadline. Yeah I know it’s a little bit weird when I talk about procrastination but I gave you deadline tips. However, stick with me, and I’ll make sure that knowing how you manage the deadline of a task, will help you too on get out of procrastination. So here are my 5 tips on managing an accurate deadline.

Deadlines are not a time ticking enemy, they’re your friend

1] Jot It Down!

Writing down your task in detail alongside the deadline not only helps you remember it but also gives you a more understanding of the task. Our head has a limit and taking note of your task helps your head from being overwhelmed. Perhaps it’s not directly related to the deadline, yet it’s a good first step before diving deeper into it.

Start To Write It

2] Tools Made To Help You

Notion, Microsoft To Do, Tick Tick, Google Calendar, Trello, are some of the tools that can help you to manage your tasks. They have their pros and cons. For instance, Trello is better used for creating a list of tasks rather than a note. The opposite for Notion, which is better (at least in my opinion) for taking a note rather than a reminder or task list.

In fact, it comes back to personal preferences, whether you like a note-taking style or a to-do model, or even a calendar type. For me, I used to use Microsoft To Do because of the simple UI and then I move out to Tick Tick because I need a to-do style and note style at the same time (actually with the paid version, you can also get the calendar functionality).

3] Split Up Your Tasks

A big chunk of chocolate is easier to eat if we cut it into small pieces, as well as your tasks (although we can directly rip the big chunk, instead). Bigger tasks are easier to complete if you split them into multiple smaller tasks. Let’s say you got a task to create an annual report for this year and you must check every month, every date, and make sure that you have delivered it correctly. And guess what? the deadline is still next week. You’re quite calm, right? Knowing the deadline is still a long time to go. It’s not bad at all to postpone your task even for the complicated and huge one. Nevertheless, you have a better option, right?

Instead of looking at the long deadline, you better start the task you got and split it up into smaller ones. The deadline is in 7 days, and in a day you have normally 8 hours to work, so in one week you have 56 hours to do it and if we divide the 56 by 12 months of the report, you only need 4.6 hours each day to finish it. Simple right. (I know it’s just raw math, but trust me it helps a lot).

4] “Remember Me” -said your deadlines

Do you use an alarm the help remind yourself to wake up in the morning? If yes, your task’s deadline needs it too. And if you’re not, you need it either. Like I said before, we can’t put everything inside our heads and hope we will remember everything inside out. Even though we have already put an effort to remember everything, there’s must be a couple of things that we miss out on.

Therefore, to help you finish up your deadline that still in a few days to go, you should start putting a reminder of your deadline. You can set a reminder for three days before or perhaps a week before, it depends on you, as long as it will help you to remember that there will be a deadline that I need to work with, you’re good to go. Personally, I set a reminder for one and three days in advance.

Your beloved bedmate

5] It’s On You!

To be honest, there are no tips number 5. I just want to remind you here that all of the above four tips won’t be useful if you are not doing it anyway. So it’s up to you whether you want to change yourself to become a better person or decided to let your procrastination and deadline strike you again.

I feel that’s all from me regarding my tips on managing your deadline. Hope it will help. Cheers!

Thanks to Generasi GIGIH 2.0 for giving me such an opportunity to write this story. Love you all 😀


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